Dartmoor Training

This training weekend, based at Brimpts Farm near Dartmeet, is designed to give you navigation experience in wild country.  Click here to see this year's dates.  You will learn how use your map and compass together in order to achieve a high degree of navigational accuracy, under the supervision of experienced instructors.  Tonbridge Gold  will provide a 1:25,000 scale map of Dartmoor and route cards.  You will need a compass, but we can lend you one when we get to Dartmoor if necessary.


You will be expected to bring all your own food and equipment including a good pair of walking boots and you will need to plan the sharing of communal equipment such as tents, stoves and fuel.  You may be able to borrow a trangia or a two man tent from Tonbridge Gold  if your school is not able to provide you with what you need - contact Linda Chapman.

If you borrow a tent, make sure that (a) you know exactly how to put it up and (b) that it has the correct number of pegs and poles.  You may be erecting it in the dark or in the rain on the Friday evening!

You will be static camping at Brimpts Farm all weekend.  Your tent will be put up on the Friday evening and be taken down and stowed in the van on Sunday morning.  You will be cooking your evening meal once the tent is up.  Make sure you have sufficient fuel for the weekend as there will be no opportunity to buy additional fuel.  You may organise your camping and cooking arrangements in whatever way suits you.  We will be having a look at your camping and cooking skills but this is not the main purpose of the weekend. However, it will be a good oportunity to try out the dried food that you'll be using on an actual expedition!



Please refer to the expedition kit list in your training booklet, and the additional information about equipment on the website, but bear in mind that you will only be carrying a daysack on each walk with waterproofs, extra shell layer (sweatshirt, hoodie, fleece), gloves, hat, scarf if you bring one, torch and spare batteries, packed lunch, water, emergency rations and personal first aid kit, together with one of the group items that you may be given by your instructor (tent, group shelter, group first aid kit, trangia, sleeping bag, carrymat or bivvy bag). 

Rather than a daysack, you could choose to double up and take a full size rucksack between two of you and share the carrying of it 50/50. 

Make sure you have good waterproofs as there is a strong likelihood of cold or very wet weather.  We may get lucky but I wouldn't bet on it!

There is no phone signal at Brimpts Farm.  If any problems arise, the leaders will contact your parents if necessary.

If you have any problems with equipment, please contact Linda Chapman (01732 359040).  

If you have any questions about the trip itself, please contact Andy Blundell (07798 810484).



We shall travel by minibus, leaving from the REAR Sainsbury’s car park near the recycling area at 13.00 on Friday Please be at the car park by 12.30 p.m. as it takes quite a time to load all the equipment.  If your trip falls in term time, don’t forget to ensure that your school knows that you will be leaving early that day.  There will be a comfort break after about two hours and we will then go straight to Dartmeet.  Journey time will be about four and a half hours.  

We will return to the FRONT Sainsbury’s car park on the evening of Sunday between 20.30 and 21.30, subject to traffic conditions.  We will stop at Amesbury for a quick bite to eat.  You will be able to phone/text home about an hour before we are due to arrive.