Training Programme

The Three Elements

Tonbridge Gold provides a three part training programme in preparation for your Gold qualifying venture on foot in wild country.  All three elements must be completed successfully in order for your book to be signed off.

  • The first part is a two day training programme at the Judd School. 
  • The second is a navigation training weekend on Dartmoor. 
  • The third is a practice expedition in either the Lake District or the Peak District.

The costs of the expedition training programme will be confirmed once the new Tonbridge Gold CIO is up and running.  It will probably be as follows:

  • Training weekend in Tonbridge : TBC (probably about £25)
  • Navigation weekend in Dartmoor : TBC (probably about £80)
  • Practice Expedition in the Lake District or Peak District (5 days) : TBC (probably about £170)
  • Total cost for all three elements : TBC (probably about £275)

These prices include travel by minibus and campsite fees but not food.  You make a single payment when you sign up for the training programme, to cover the number of elements you wish to take part in this year.

Read through the details below and then follow the link at the foot of the page to apply for the course.

The Weekend (Two Day) Training Programme in Tonbridge

This will take place over two weekends in February at the Judd School from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. each day.  Click here for this year's dates.  It covers navigation theory, route planning, wild country camping, mountain weather, first aid, clothing and equipment, etc.  The course is modular so you can choose to attend one of these 6 options : weekend 1, weekend 2, both Saturdays, both Sundays, the first Saturday & second Sunday, or the first Sunday & second Saturday!

The Navigation Training on Dartmoor

This covers camping skills and practical navigation using map and compass in challenging terrain and often challenging weather conditions as well. 

The three navigation weekends will take place in the Easter holiday and the first weekend of the summer term.  Click here for this year's dates.

Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis so it's a good idea to apply early!


The Practice Expedition

Practice Expeditions in take place in July in the Lake District during the full first week of the holidays and in August in the Peak District over the bank holiday weekend.  Click here for this year's dates.  Places may be limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis so, again, it's a good idea to apply early.


Please note that all three elements must be completed successfully in order for your book to be signed off. On completion, you should be competent to complete your qualifying venture in wild country. The trainers will only sign your book if you have reached that level of competence. Taking part in the training is not sufficient to have your book signed off - you must demonstrate your personal competence!

You will not be able to undertake the practice expedition until you have successfully completed the first two elements of the course. If it is not possible to complete the first two elements, due to exceptional circumstances such as illness, you will be able to pick up where you left off the following year. You have until you are 25 to complete the practice expedition!

How to Apply

WATCH THIS SPACE.  Once the new Tonbridge Gold CIO is up and running, further details will appear here.  You will need to download the Expedition Training Application Form and return it to Linda Chapman, whose address is on the form, together with a cheque for the correct amount. The deadline is on the application form.