Map and Compass


Each individual member of the group must have their own map.  You must carry a 1:25000 scale map covering the area in which your expedition is taking place (on your training and practice expeditions you will be provided with a suitable map). 

You will also need a clear water resistant map case to help keep you map clean and dry.  Do not use the map case as a bag.  It is intended to protect your map and route card. Waterproof maps are available and help in overcoming the difficulties with refolding into map cases during wet and windy weather.


Each individual member of the group must have their own compass, your compass needs to have a long baseplate and a bezel marked in degrees, a roamer scale along the edge of the baseplate will assist in measuring distance.  A magnifier is also very useful.  The Silva Ranger 3 Compass incorporates all these features and is recommended.

If you borrow a compass from your school, don't borrow a military one with the bezel marked off in 64 divisions (mils) and the 360 degrees on the inside and very small and hard to read.  They are not suitable for the detailed navigation work that you will be doing.