Some suggestions for your menu

For breakfast:

  • porridge oats with added dried milk and dried fruit
  • muesli/granola/cereal bars etc and dried fruit
  • a spread (peanut butter/jam/etc, all available in plastic containers or can be decanted) on biscuits/oatcakes/pitta bread

For the evening meal you need 3 courses:

  • a starter of instant soup (different flavour each day) or pot noodle
  • main course of stew, curry, pasta, soya curd or textured vegetable protein (some boil in the bag) and don't forget sauces and also a great variety of dehydrated meals that only require the addition of water
  • a hot or cold pudding of whips and mousses which require the addition of cold water or rice and semolina preparations which require the addition of hot milk and/or spreads and biscuits 

Don't forget a hot drink to finish the meal, maybe a hot chocolate, whatever perks you up and helps morale. 

A hot drink, when reaching the campsite after a long day's walk or paddle, is also a great morale booster (put kettle on whilst putting tent up).

A constant supply of energy is needed during the day and you can select from a range of track snacks such as flapjack, cereal bars, Clif bars, chocolate, dried fruit, mixed nuts and raisins, trail mix etc.

Emergency rations will need to be carried and not used until the end of the expedition. These can be made up of chocolate/fruit bars, Kendal mint cake, dried fruit, biscuits, hot drink, cup-a-soup etc - a total of about 1000 kcal.

Sample Menu

Click here for a sample menu.  Follow the link to download the menu template to use when submitting your menu for your practice and assessed expeditions.