Gold Paddling Expeditions

PLEASE NOTE  :  Our paddling expeditions are limited to two teams of 8 participants.  


Expedition training is where we get you paddling.  Here we inspire and guide you personally through the 4 core training elements: navigation, team work, staying safe and campcraft.

Team work: How to work safety and efficiently as a team, including team building.

Navigation: Learning core navigation skills with map, timing and compass on the river. It is essential to know exactly where you are at any given time to keep track of time and in case of any incident.

Campcraft: How to pack, cook, and prepare effectively for an efficient expedition. Being organised with your equipment is essential.

Safety: You will be training to ensure you know what to cope with anything from a cut to a full capsize and serious injury on the river.  We will go through an accident scenario and look at why avoidance is better than cure.

We start with a two-day theory course which takes place at Judd School.  You choose any two of the four days over two weekends.  

This is follwed up with two non-residential proficiency training weekends at Yalding on the River Medway, where we put you in a boat and teach you how to handle it.  Additional training for paddling will include a deep water capsize and self-rescue drill.  We will teach you the practical techniques of righting a capsized craft before getting the paddlers and equipment back in the boat.  We will also guide you through access, river etiquette, paddle specific equipment and accident avoidance.

You will not be able to undertake the practice expedition until you have successfully completed the training elements of the course.  However, if you already hold a BCU 2 Star Award or BCU Explore Award, you will only need to attend the second of the proficiency training weekends.

If it is not possible to complete the training, due to exceptional circumstances such as illness, you may be able to pick up where you left off the following year.

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Programme and Costs

The cost of our theory training and proficiency training programme is £200.  This price includes travel by minibus and hire of canoes and equipment.  

The cost of our practice expedition on the River Wye is £230.  This price includes travel by minibus, hire of canoes and campsite fees but not food.  

The cost of our qualifying expedition on the River Severn is £260.  This price includes travel by minibus, hire of canoes and campsite fees but not food.  

You can either pay for this in three parts, a £200 payment for the training, a £230 payment for the practice expedition and a £260 payment for the qualifying expedition, or you make a single payment to cover all elements.  You will be taken to the payment page when you complete the booking form.  

If you choose to pay in three instalments, you can return to the payment page at any time up to FOUR WEEKS before the practice expedition and the qualifying expedition to make the second and third payments.

How to Book

Booking Form : this online form must be completed by your parent or legal guardian if you are under 18 years of age.  When you submit the form, you will be taken to the Booking Payment page.  The minimum payment of £200 for the training should be made at the time that you submit the booking form.

Booking Payment : choose one of the four options to pay by credit card or via your PayPal account.