The 20 Conditions

1.   All expeditions must be by the participants’ own physical effort, without motorised or outside assistance.

2.   All expeditions must be unaccompanied and self-sufficient.

3.   All expeditions must be supervised by an adult who is able to accept responsibility for the safety of the team.

4.   The expedition must have an aim.

5.   All participants must be properly equipped.

6.   Participants must have completed the required training and practice expeditions.

7.   At least one practice expedition must be undertaken at each level of the programme, in the same mode of travel in a similar environment to the assessed expedition.

8.   The team must plan and organise the expedition.

9.   Assessment must be by an approved accredited Assessor.

10. There must be between four and seven in a team (eight for modes of travel which have tandem).

11. All participants must be within the qualifying age of the programme level.

12. Participants must be at the same level of assessment.

13. The team must not include those who have completed the same or higher level expedition.

14. Accommodation should be by camping.

15. The expedition must be of the correct duration.

16. The expedition should normally take place between the end of March and the end of October.

17. The expedition should take place in the recommended environment.

18. The expedition must meet the minimum hours of planned activity.

19. A substantial meal should be cooked and eaten by participants each day.

20. A presentation must be prepared and delivered after the expedition.